Share Your Voice – what you said

Share Your Voice

We’ve been talking with residents of eastern Porirua, to listen and understand their views about what they value and like about their neighbourhoods and what could change with the opportunities that the redevelopment will bring.

The topics for discussion have included housing, getting around the area, the environment, parks and open spaces, shopping and town centres, and community facilities and services. We will incorporate this feedback when we prepare a comprehensive plan to guide the project.

Here's what people said in first four Share Your Voice sessions:

Cannons Creek – Saturday 22 June [pdf 675kb]
Waitangirua – Saturday 29 June [pdf 703kb]
Rānui – Tuesday 2 July [pdf 527kb]
Ascot Park – Tuesday 9 July [pdf 579kb]

We've also run sessions with the Lao community and new migrants. You can read what they said here:

Lao community [pdf 323kb]
New migrants [pdf 327kb]

 We've also pulled everyone's thoughts and ideas by each topic:

getting around [pdf 421kb]
parks and open spaces [pdf 481 kb]
environment (plants and wildlife) [pdf 287 kb]
town centres [pdf 397 kb]
housing [pdf 421kb]
community facilities [pdf 709kb]
hot topics [pdf 498kb]
bright ideas [pdf 381kb]
accessibility (collected from across the topics above) [pdf 371kb]


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