How can we manage water better?

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Our waterways are feeling the pressure of a growing population and changes to land-use. A review of the quality of waterways in Porirua from 2019 found it to be Grade E (which is the lowest water quality grade).

Runoff from rain can cause problems for our taiao, our environment. A lot of the water falls on hard surfaces like roofs, driveways and roads and when it runs down into the drain it can carry with it dust and dirt, heavy metals from old roofs, and oil from our cars.

Soil and toxins end up in our streams and harbour polluting our waterways, harming our marine life such as fish and affecting the quality of water we use for recreation such as swimming or fishing.  

We want to improve water quality for the community by improving the stormwater entering our waterways. One way of achieving this is by creating a wetland.

A wetland is an area of land that is covered by water, and they look great too! We’ve been looking at possibly creating a wetland at the bottom of Cannons Creek Park.

Image of the bottom of Cannons Creek Park

Benefits of a wetland

A wetland can:

• Improve water quality through careful design

• Control waterflow to protect waterways downstream

• Introduce a wide range of water loving plants

• Filter soil and toxins from the water

• Provide a home for birds and insects

• Provide spaces to learn and connect with water

• Reduce the impacts of flooding '


Below are some wetland examples from around Aotearoa. Click on the image to expand. 

 Examples of wetlands in other regions and communities


The proposed wetland, (at the bottom of Cannons Creek Park) provides an opportunity to do a lot more than just treating stormwater. It has the potential to provide a great asset for the community that can be used for recreation, such as walking and cycling. If the community supports the creation of a wetland, the design of the wetland will be developed alongside the Parks Landscape Plan for the park to ensure that it fits into the wider plans for the park and maximises the benefits to the community.


What's next?

Between Monday 6 September and Monday 4 October we asked for community feedback see whether they would support a wetland at the base of Cannon’s Creek Park as a way to improve water management in the park.

We received a lot of positive feedback, but we need to do a little more investigation. We will be returning to the community to discuss proposed water management solutions for Cannons Creek Park in early 2022.


Frequently asked questions

To help answer some questions you may have about how we can manage water better, click here to view the FAQs. You can also view and download a summary of this page here.

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• Visit us at our Community Info Hub, 26 Warspite Ave. We're open from Alert Level 1, every Tuesday - Thursday, 1.00 pm - 4.00 pm.


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