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The Parks Landscape Plan sets the direction on how we can enhance the accessibility, safety and function of Bothamley Park, Cannons Creek Park and Cannons Creek Lakes Reserve now and in the future. To help create a draft Parks Landscape Plan we asked for feedback on how the community thought we could enhance these three parks. Their feedback generally came under the following five key themes:

  1. Environment and waterways
  2. Access and pathways
  3. Safety
  4. Facilities and activities
  5. Identify and education 

Below is a summary of what this could look like.  


Environment and waterways

Repair the parks' environment and strengthen the community's connection to nature


Image of the current wastewater pipe 

To help improve the health of both Kenepuru Stream and Te Awarua-o-Poriura we are proposing to upgrade over 3 km wastewater pipes which run through Bothamley Park. The wastewater pipes upgrade is one of many water infrastructure projects we are investigating to help improve our waterways.  

Another way of supporting our plants, wildlife and waterways within each park could be through planting trees that support our taiao and removing plants that can be harmful.  This could include removing some of the mature pine trees that are more prone to falling. In turn, this will open up views into and throughout the park and reduce overshadowing of neighbouring properties.    


Access and pathways

Enhancing access to and through parks

Example of path through wetland

Example of pathway 

The parks have the potential to provide great connections between the neighbourhoods that surround them; making it easier to get to work, school, the shops or friends’ houses. We are looking at ways to enhance how the community could use the parks as a way of getting around their neighbourhood. This could include better signage, improving path quality, make existing entrances/exits more visible and accessible, as well as creating new entrances and paths.  



Creating opportunities to make each park safer for the community

Example of lighting

Example of lighting through park

Having safer parks means that they are more likely to be well-used and enjoyable. Park safety could be improved by enhancing visibility through and views into each park, widening paths and installing signage to help find your way around the parks.  We can look at ways to minimise the number of motorbikes travelling through each park by creating better park entrances and exits. 

We have also heard from community feedback that sections of the path network are unsafe or unusable at times due to rainfall and overflows from the wastewater system. This could be improved through investigating better water solutions as well upgrading the wastewater pipes that run through Bothamely Park.  


Facilities and activites

Providing opportunities to enhance how the community use each park 

Example of area for learning

Example of learning area

To enhance each park, spaces for facilities and activities could be created. This could include providing new play and fitness equipment that can be used by all ages, creating shelters, picnic areas, learning spaces, public toilets or places to host events. It is important that each park provides places for the community to sit, gather, play, learn and enjoy their surroundings.


Identity and education

Create spaces that reflect the community’s past, present and future

Example of area to tell stories through the park

Example of area to tell stories about the history of the park

Porirua is rich in history and culture. The community has also told us that it is important and should be reflected in the parks. Opportunities and spaces to share information could include supporting cultural practices such as mahinga kai or blackberry harvest in some areas. It could also include using signage and storyboards to share educational information that encourages and fosters kaitiakitanga of the environment.   


What this might look like

 Below is a few ways we could enhance each park.  

Click on the image to view a larger sized image.  

 Summary of how we could enhance three parks

What do you think?

Before we create the draft Parks Landscape Plan for Bothamley Park, Cannons Creek Park and Cannons Creek Lakes Reserve, we’ve created a short survey to make sure we have heard your suggestions and that we’re not missing anything. 

Let us know if we are on the right track. Your feedback will not only help us understand what is most important to you, but also help us to us plan. 

 Click here to share your thoughts



August - September 2021 - Seek community feedback on Bothamley Park, Cannons Creek Park and Cannons Creek Lakes Reserve.

September - October 2021 - Use community feedback to create draft Parks Landscape Plan.

November 2021Share community feedback.

Early 2022 - Finalise draft Parks Landscape Plan for resource consent application. 

2022 - 2025 - Continued community engagement to finalise draft Parks Landscape Plan.


Frequently asked questions

To help answer some questions you may have about the opportunity to improve Bothamley Park, Cannons Creek Park and Cannons Creek Lakes Reserve, click here to view the FAQs

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