Opportunity to improve the parks

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Bothamley Park, Cannons Creek Park and Cannons Creek Lakes Reserve are great spaces for the community to enjoy. With over 5km of existing shared walkway and cycle path, these parks play an important role in linking the eastern suburbs with the City Centre and Porirua Train Station as well Belmont Regional Park and western Porirua. 

With the population increasing in eastern Porirua it is important that these parks are fit for purpose and help to enable the health and wellbeing of the community.  

Map showing location of Cannons Creek Park, Cannons Creek Lakes Reserve and Bothamley Park


In 2019, you told us that:

• The three parks are underutilised

• Low visibility and poor water management

• Lack of accessibility and safety

• Significant water pollution within Bothamley Park due to the old wastewater pipes

• Cannons Creek Park has poor drainage at the bottom of northern end of the park

• Cannons Creek Lakes Reserve has issues around public safety, vandalism and anti-social behaviour


The Parks Landscape Plan

We're looking for community feedback to help create a draft Parks Landscape Plan. It will help to set the direction on how we can enhance the accessibility, safety and function of Bothamley Park, Cannons Creek Park and Cannons Creek Lakes Reserve, by making the most out of each space to best meet the needs of the community and environment now and into the future.

The plan will also feed into the wider Porirua Development work programme to improve housing and public spaces in eastern Porirua. 


August - September 2021 - Seek community feedback on Bothamley Park, Cannons Creek Park and Cannons Creek Lakes Reserve.

September - October 2021 - Use community feedback to create draft Parks Landscape Plan.

November 2021Share draft plan with community.

Early 2022 - Finalise draft parks landscape plan for resource consent application. 

2022 - 2025 - Continued community engagement to finalise landscape plan.


Reimagining your parks 

For a few ideas about how we could enhance Bothamley Park, Cannons Creek Park or Cannons Creek Lakes Reserve check out the examples below. To get a better picture, click on the image for a larger PDF version. 





Frequently asked questions

To help answer some questions you may have about the opportunity to improve Bothamley Park, Cannons Creek Park and Cannons Creek Lakes Reserve, click here to view the FAQs. You can also view and download a summary of this page here

Still have questions? Reach out:



• Visit us at our Community Info Hub, 26 Warspite Ave. We're open from Alert Level 1, every Tuesday - Thursday, 1.00 pm - 4.00 pm.


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