Upgrading the wastewater pipes

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The community told us that fixing the wastewater pipes in Bothamley Park is a priority. The current pipes are old, and we know when it rains untreated sewage overflows into Kenepuru Stream and Te-Awarua-o-Porirua harbour.


What's proposed

Over the last year we’ve been investigating the ground conditions through the park. This has helped us to learn more about the make up of the area and where the best places will be to lay the new pipes. Below is a summary of how we could fix Bothamley Park's wastewater pipes.

Click on the image below to view a larger size. 

Summary of how we could fix Bothamley Park's wastewater pipes

Summary of how we could fix Bothamley Park's wastewater pipes


The opportunities

Instead of recreating the current pipe design, we wanted to make improvements that will not only be better for our environment and community, but also help improve the look and feel of Bothamley Park. We are proposing to lay new wastewater pipes that will:

  • Minimise the amount of raw sewage overflowing into waterways
  • Be built with environmentally responsible materials that will last generations
  • Halve the number of places the pipe crosses the stream
  • Have fewer manholes
  • Be more resilient in natural events i.e. earthquakes
  • Improve park paths


It's a big job!

We are proposing to upgrade the wastewater pipes through Bothamley Park over two years. Click on each map for a better picture of the proposed pipe route and how we are proposing to improve the wastewater pipes through the park:  

Click on each image to view a larger size and read comments. 


Proposed option for new wastewater pipe route through Bothamley Park

  Proposed wastewater pipe from State Highway 1 to Windley Street


Proposed wastewater pipe from Windley Street to Hereford Street


Proposed wastewater pipe from Hereford Street to Castor Crescent


What you can expect

If you live close by, you may notice some additional noise and vibrations during construction times. We will be working in line with health and safety guidelines and our resource consent application to ensure both workers, local residents, and visitors remain safe during construction.  

We will need to temporarily close off some parts of the paths through Bothamley Park as well as some parts of Champion Street (see map for more detail). This will ensure work is completed as quickly and safely as possible with minimal disruption.  


What do you think?

Before applying for resource consent to upgrade the wastewater pipes through Bothamley Park we’ve created a short survey to make sure we have heard your suggestions and that we’re not missing anything. 

Let us know if we are on the right track. Your feedback will not only help us understand what is most important to you, but also help us to us plan. 

Click here to share your thoughts



August - September 2021 - Consult with community about new wastewater pipes.

September - October 2021 - Finalise draft design for wastewater pipes.

November 2021 - Share design and plans with community and invite feedback.

November 2021 - early 2022 - Finalise design of wastewater pipes.

Early - mid 2022 - Apply for resource consent.

Late 2022 - early 2023 Start construction.


Frequently asked questions

To help answer some questions you may have about the upgrade to Bothamely Park's wastewater pipes, click here to view the FAQs

Still have questions? Reach out:




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