Parks project

It’s time to improve our taiao, our environment

In 2019, the community told us the health of the environment was important to them, but it needed improving along with better access to parks and open spaces.

Following detailed investigations into the parks and infrastructure in eastern Porirua, we found the infrastructure was in a poor state and significant upgrades were needed.

To help fund theses infrastructure upgrades, the Government will be allocating a portion of the Housing Acceleration Fund to the Porirua Development. This investment will help enhance the taiao (environment) and arawai (waterways) in eastern Porirua as well as Te Awarua-o-Porirua harbour.

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It’s time to improve our taiao, our environment.

We’re looking at ways to enhance Bothamely Park, Cannons Creek Park and Cannons Creek Lakes Reserve.

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Opportunity to improve the parks

Bothamley Park, Cannons Creek Park and Cannons Creek Lakes Reserve are great spaces for the community to enjoy.

With the population increasing in eastern Porirua it is important that these spaces are fit for purpose. 

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Example of what parks could look like

 Design concept of a park


How can we manage water better?

We want to improve water quality for the community by improving the stormwater entering our waterways. One way of achieving this is by creating a wetland. We’ve been looking into the possibility of creating a wetland at the bottom of Cannons Creek Park. 

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 Image of the bottom of Cannons Creek Park


Upgrading the wastewater pipes

We're looking at upgrading the wastewater pipes which runs through Bothamley Park.

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Aerial photo of Bothamley Park wastewater pipe

 Image of the wastewater pipes through Bothamely Park and it's sewage catchment


Who will be doing the mahi?


The Porirua Development

The Porirua Development led by Kāinga Ora are focused on quality outcomes for tenants, community and how neighbourhoods can be improved to make it easier for people to come together.


Te Aranga Alliance

Te Aranga Alliance are construction, design and infrastructure experts. They will be preparing the land for the Porirua Development. This includes relocating or demolishing old state homes past their best, removing contamination and improving the land, roads and footpaths; preparing underground networks for gas, power, water supply, stormwater and wastewater. They will also be responsible for getting approvals and building above ground infrastructure such as water reservoir.

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Image of a digger in Bothamley Park


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